Ready for your refill?

I’m ready, too!

If you purchased an 11 oz refillable green glass candle, you can refill that bad boy as many times as you want! (Until it breaks, I guess… then we’ll hit the recycling!)


Order your refill via the button below and choose a new scent to enjoy! Or, if you love what you have, keep it the same — you do you, friend.


Don’t worry about cleaning out your vessel, including scraping or poking the wax that’s leftover. I’ll take care of preparing your vessel for your refill! 


Put your empty green glass vessel back in the box — or any box if you already recycled the one it came in!


On pick up day (which you choose when ordering your refill), set your box outside. You’ll get a text or Instagram confirmation from me that it’s been recieved, along with your new delievery date!

When it arrives, kick back and create a mindful atmopshere with your re-brand new candle. And when that’s burned out, head back to Step 1 to start it aaaaall over.

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