Hand Dipped Beeswax Candles


These 100% pure beeswax hand dipped candles take you back to simpler times when the world was just a little quieter and not in the midst of a global pandemic. Comprised of 100% all-natural beeswax, 100% all-natural hemp wicks and 100% all-natural, unique artisan scents, you can make any ordinary moment extraordinary. Here’s what you can choose from: 

  • Spiced pear + whiskey
  • Macadamia latte + chai leaves
  • Oakmoss + cedar

Candle attributes: 

  • Approximately 8 inches tall and up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • A pair of 2, 4oz candles. 
  • 8 hours of burn time (per candle). 

Price: $27, including tax. Prices do not include shipping.

9 things I love about these new candles:
#1 - They're imperfect.

• I can't tell you how much I love the imperfections of these candles. Each imperfection makes each candle 100% unique.

• Don't get me wrong, imperfect doesn't mean low quality. Quite the opposite, actually. Made from 100% all natural materials, these candles are created from the highest quality ingredients I could find, then slowly and carefully handcrafted.

• Imperfections are scary, because they draw attention to areas that others could easily judge, make fun of, or discredit. But honestly, the more I stare at these candles, the more strongly I feel it.

• Their imperfections make them beautiful. Just like us.

#2 - They're momentary.

• I used to only buy things that I could reuse over and over so that I could get my money's worth. I still do that sometimes when it helps me minimize waste, but now that my family is majorly downsizing, (like for tiny house kind of downsizing), I'm interested in products that encourage mindful living.

• I want to spend money on less things, but more money on the few things that really matter. For me, that includes temporary products that enhance ordinary moments.

• Here's to the momentary things that bring meaning to extraordinary memories.

#3 - They create an experience.

• These candles create a calm, centered, and warm ambiance that I could always use more of during this crazy year.

• Create a special occasion. Bring them out to celebrate!

#4 - They're all-natural.

• 100% all-natural beeswax
• 100% all-natural hemp wicks
• 100% all-natural woodwicks
• 100% all-natural wood vessels

No plastic, stains or sealants. Oh, and for those of you that are worried, hemp wicks CAN'T get you high. I promise! 😉

For those of you who were excited - sorry... #nexttime


#5 - They're 100% eco-friendly.

• My passion for protecting our planet has steadily grown over the last few years, and honestly, I wish it had started much sooner.

• I used to not think or care about what happened to the planet with the products I consume. Now that I see my daughter is growing so quickly, I want her to be able to enjoy the same beautiful scenery that I've taken for granted my whole life.

• That's why I'm committing to 100% eco-friendly products, from process to packaging to product.


#6 - They smell good.

• I'm loving these 100% all-natural scents, and I hope you do, too! (Thanks, @woodenwick for your incredible products!)

• These scents make me feel fancy. Here's what you can choose from right now:

▪︎Spiced Pear + whiskey
▪︎Macadamia latte + chai leaves
▪︎Oakmoss + cedar

Yup, I'm in my happy place.

#7 - They burn longer.

• Because of the density and hardness of 100% all natural beeswax, these candles actually burn much longer than those with other wax.

• This was something I happily discovered during product development. (A.k.a. me making myself a bunch of candles. 😍) My small 3 oz candle burned for over 9 hours! Thanks, bees!


#8 - They're sourced from local farmers.

• The 100% all-natural beeswax used for these candles comes from the amazing local bee farmers at Anything Bees, founded on the principle that by cultivating healthier colonies, we can harvest beeswax without creating stress and harming these essential insects.

• Now, anyone who knows me knows that I scream like crazy when a bee flies at my face. 😬 BUT, I do recognize and care for these truly breath-taking creatures that are responsible for pollinating so many of the foods we depend on.

• I got your back, bees. Even when you make me scream.

#9 - They create a connection.

• Right now, I would guess that everyone feels disconnected in some way, whether that's because of COVID-19, social distancing, polarizing political ideals or just about anything else. I want to help fix that.

• When you buy a candle, you'll be able to send one to a friend across the country or next door just to let them know you're thinking of them.

• You can even send a hand-typed note of encouragement courtesy of our authentic antique 1920's Royal typewriter.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 8 in

Spiced Pear + Whiskey, Macadamia Latte + Chai Leaves, Oakmoss + Cedar


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