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Creating beautiful homes, work spaces and events through the art of Interior Design gives those around you the gift of beauty, value and ownership. 

Here at The Restless Creative Co, I transform your living space, work environment and/or upcoming event into your dream home, office and/or special event. For me, your design is only complete when it fulfills these three components:

1. Your vision (beautiful)

2. Your needs (practical)

3. Your budget (affordable)

my work


Enchanted Sun Realty

This was by far one of the best experiences of my life! Enchanted Sun Realty is an outstanding realty office in Las Cruces, NM that created an incredible new office space out of six shipping containers. I was given the amazing opportunity to complete the Interior Design for this stunning space!


“Sandra’s review”

~ Sandra Espiritu

Owner of Enchanted Sun Realty


Real Life Church

This project gave me so many unique opportunities to get creative with my DIY and custom furniture skills. The church had many new and partially completed IKEA furniture sets, as well as leftover odds and ends they didn’t want to waste. I was brought in to create functional, beautiful equipment, and of course – I couldn’t resist adding my interior design!


“Lynette’s Review”

~ Lynette


Custom Farmhouse Dining Table

I had the incredible honor of building a custom-designed farmhouse table for my treasured in-laws. It was inspired from an Ana White design and customized to fit Deborah and Lupe’s needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a stunning piece of furniture to serve as an accent piece to complete your interior design, let’s talk!

“Deb’s Review”

~ Deborah Cuellar


Lily's Bridal Shower

I don’t throw around the term “Soul Mates” very often. But Lily and Jacob, without a doubt, embody everything that phrase defines. So, being given the incredible chance to decorate the space where we celebrated Lily as the most beautiful bride in the world was an honor I can’t fully enunciate. 

“Lily’s review”


The Most Beautiful Bride

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