why Pinterest?

Did you know Pinterest added more users in the last two years than Twitter and Facebook combined?

That means your potential market is growing at a faster rate on Pinterest than on alternative platforms, giving you more customers, followers and fans. The sooner you get in on the action, the sooner you establish your business in a worldwide high growth rate market. 

AND Pinterest drives 30% more traffic to websites and online stores than Facebook!

We all know it’s important that your audience engages with your content. And platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are fantastic at getting those conversations rolling. But, on Pinterest, your content isn’t just liked, shared and commented on – it’s converted to actual sales

how does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant help?

Pinterest is a Search Engine.

It’s often confused with a social media platform because of it’s community-oriented functionality, and because Facebook and Instagram are large competitors. But in reality, Pinterest is a search engine, like Google.

So, in order for your content to be seen effectively, you need someone who executes Search Engine Optimization techniques tailored to Pinterest’s unique and ever-evolving algorithm.

Pinterest VAs not only provide strategic marketing expertise. We do the work for you by managing your Pinterest account and creating eye-catching pins, keyword rich descriptions, pinning strategies and more.

That’s why I’m a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

I’m here to make your life easy.



How much easier your life is with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

why hire me?

I'm a Pinterest Ninja

Literally. I learned the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing from the Ultimate Pinterest Ninja, Megan Johnson. If you haven’t heard of Megan, or her Pinterest Ninja course, check it out here.

Megan’s successfully trained 1,000s of individuals to become Pinterest marketing gurus. I’ve completed all her courses and currently attend every hands-on virtual training. 

My Personal Account Statistics

In less than 6 months, I grew my brand-new Pinterest account to 225k+ monthly views, 650+ followers and according to Google Analytics, Pinterest surpassed Facebook as my #1 website referral source.

Over 83% of the people who interact with this website that you’re reading right now find me from Pinterest. 

Thanks, Pinterest!


My Versitility

Many Pinterest VAs only have experience driving traffic to one type of website. And usually, those websites are blogs. Now don’t be me wrong – that’s a great area to be skilled in, because blogs need Pinterest VAs.

But, I have experience driving Pinterest traffic to blogs, Etsy shops, online stores, and local business websites.

If you have it, I’ve worked with it. 


my Reviews


TCMB Design

TCMB Design is as local business that creates unique, handmade jewelry. Most products feature an intricately crafted wood design inlaid with colored stones, minerals or gems. In addition to their local market, they have a thriving Etsy shop.

If you’re looking for spectacular gifts for a loved one, or you want to treat yourself to a stylish piece of jewelry that reflects your personality, you’ll find what your looking for right here. 


“Theresa’s review”

~ Theresa Basaldua

Owner of TCMB Design


Hello Cakery & Macarons

Hello Cakery & Macarons is a boutique wedding cakery that specializes in elegant, custom wedding cakes, and bold, delicious and innovative macarons. This business is local to Las Cruces, NM, and it is the heart and soul of beautiful weddings, spectacular parties, and special celebrations lucky enough to be nearby. 


“Steph’s Review”

~ Steph

Owner of Hello Cakery & Macarons

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