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If you’re anything like me, your current living space may be a little smaller than you’d like. And, if you’re REALLY like me, you may have complained about space once or twice.

Needing space, wanting space, creating space, what’s it like in space, is there space in space, will we ever be able to live on the moon…

Sorry, I spaced out. (Don’t judge, just laugh. Blogging’s hard.)   

But seriously, everyone wants to maximize their living space – whether they have their dream home or not!

While there are many ways to maximize space with your home décor, there is no better tool that blends beauty and practicality for creating space like shelves!

Therefore, here are my three favorite, (100% DIY doable!) creative shelves that maximize space, minimize frustration, and look really cool while doing so: 

1: Pipe shelves

These shelves are easy to assemble, extremely customizable and sturdy! The lead pipe base allows Pipe Shelves to hold medium-to-heavy objects with ease. Though they are typically used for industrial-style décor, Pipe Shelves can also compliment a variety of styles depending on the type of wood/material used for the shelf itself. Common other themes used with these shelves include modern, farmhouse and minimalist.  

(TIP: If you’re in to Harry Potter and have kids, the illustrated versions are fun, beautiful, and make reading Harry Potter a sweet family experience!)

(EXTRA TIP: You can totally get the books even if you don’t have kids. We actually got them for ourselves. Forget the kids!) 

2: Hook Shelves

These shelves are perfect for displaying mugs and other hangable objects. If you have things in your kitchen, living room or bedroom that you want to show rather than shove in storage, this is a perfect shelf to consider. Any home décor style that utilizes wood emphasizes these shelves, including coastal/beach, modern, farmhouse, minimalize, boho, and pretty much anything. Extremely versatile!

(TIP: If you want more info on the story behind these shelves, check out our other post!) 

3: Ladder Shelves


These shelves are hands-down my favorite – easy to set up, able to fit in small spaces and able to hold a LOT of stuff. Since they are able to hold a variety of objects, (not just hangable ones), these are especially useful in apartments and other small spaces, because they tuck in neatly against almost any wall. Like the mug shelves, they fit any home décor style that utilizes wood!

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Stay restless, Creatives!
∼ Christine