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We‘ve received a TON of feedback asking for how-to info on this week’s trending interior design style. So, for all of you who have patiently waited until Week 4 of our Home By Design series, the wait is finally over!

If you missed our posts on the Modern, Coastal, and Boho styles, be sure to check them out before you leave! Otherwise let’s dive into this week’s design…

Style 4 | Farmhouse

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The Short & Sweet:

When you so much as type the words “home décor” into the Pinterest search bar, “Farmhouse” is one of the first suggestions Pinterest provides to finish your sentence. (Go try it!)
(Fingers crossed the algorithm hasn’t changed since I typed it in… )

Farmhouse is by far one of the most popular home décor trends, due in large part to hit TV shows like Fixer Upper, where designers like Joanna Gaines provide the ultimate DIY inspiration for this style. 

Like Coastal décor, Farmhouse décor originated from people’s physical location, and it wasn’t a style so much as, “We live on a farm and this is our life.” But because of the rustic simplicity and peace the style provides for its occupants, it’s far outgrown the rural roots and become a standard in living spaces worldwide. 

How to Make it Farmhouse

So how do we do it? How do we grab hold of this trend and bring it into our own spaces? Well, to bring your dream Farmhouse living space to life, you need to start off with these…   

Three Defining Traits

#1: Informality

Farmhouse décor comes from humble beginnings. This style is an environment created by people who work hard and long hours on their farms. Because of this hard work, home needs to be a place where you can relax, put up your feet and hold your family close.

So, comfort + family = informality. Farmhouse décor can definitely feel classy, so class and informality aren’t mutually exclusive attributes here, but simply put:

The fundamental charm for Farmhouse décor comes from it’s informality, so everything needs to reflect comfort and family.

(Which, in my opinion, is a big factor for why it became so popular in the first place!)

(I just knew you wanted my opinion, so I was sure to throw it in. You’re welcome!)   

#2: Farm/Rural Objects

Of course, Farmhouse wouldn’t be Farmhouse without, (using technical design term), farm stuff. Objects that remind you of farms, rural life etc. are a MUST in Farmhouse décor, otherwise it lacks it’s essential element.

“Rural objects” can include anything linking your home to farm life, so food, dishes and tables are often used as central Farmhouse décor. Why? Cause what’s more charming that picturing a hardworking family breaking homemade bread with home-grown ingredients on their handmade table?

(I’ll tell you what’re more charming – nothing!) 

#3: Nature

We’ll get into the practical side of this in the Décor Items section, but since this style originated from people who spend pretty much all their time outdoors, nature is an essential element!

Fresh plants and flowers are always a win, but you can also weave nature into your décor via images and patterns. Patterns with flowers, birds, animals, etc. on your linens, bed spreads and rugs adds extra color and flavor to your home, even before bringing any actual elements of nature indoors.

You’ll probably remember that Boho décor also uses nature as a key element – great memory! For Boho, the nature you incorporate should reflect adventure, individuality and uniqueness. In contrast, your Farmhouse nature should feel familiar – you want comfort over adventure here! 


Alright, now that we have the three defining traits of Farmhouse décor, it’s time to finish things up with these…

4 Farmhouse Essentials:

Palette Planning

Image credit: @farmhouse.daily

Like many of the styles we’ve seen so far, Farmhouse color palettes start with – you guessed it – neutral colors! White with a medium or dark brown is a common neutral color pairing in Farmhouse décor.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just neutrals – Farmhouse décor often uses accent colors! Red and blue are the most common, but you can use pretty much any color to accent as long as you have farm-related material tying it to your space.

For example, use an old blue wooden door as a central décor piece, or a rustic red photo frame! Oh, and that reminds me – wood is used a TON in Farmhouse décor, so be sure that’s included in your planning when thinking of your color palette.  

Finding Furniture:


Image credit: @farmhouse.daily and 

The name of the game with here is comfort. Find furniture that makes you want to plop down for a family movie night and cuddle up for warm snuggles.

(Yeah, you heard me right – I said PLOP! That’s the sound of true comfort.)

Large furniture works really well for this style, because traditionally, farmhouse families had lots of family members who needed a seat. However, if you’re living in a small space, focus on the comfort factor over size.

Regarding furniture shape, stick to the traditional ones, like rectangles, circles, squares, etc.. (Leave the asymmetrical stuff for Modern and the unique accent pieces for Boho!) Be sure you’re incorporating wood with your furniture via items like end tables, coffee tables and anywhere else you can! 

Décor Items:


Image credit: and @thefarmhouseeclectic

As we mentioned earlier, farm-related items are a must in this style. Used (and safe!) farm equipment, farm life nick-nacks, nature-related items (such as baskets of fresh fruits, pots with growing herbs, wildflowers tied up in twine), and simple, rustic décor items (like old window frames, or wooden doors) complete this look.   

Let me highlight those plants and flowers again! Since Farmhouse décor is a celebration of rural life, house plants and flowers are a great way to incorporate your accent colors and literally bring life into your living space. And, though fresh flowers and plants are beautiful, if you’re worried about accidently killing your plants or attracting bugs, fake plants are a great option! 

Wall Décor:


Image credit: and @farmhousefanatics

For hanging wall décor, be sure you incorporate personal photos, preferably in large, simple frames. Even if the pictures are just of you and your dog, this brings in that defining trait of family and informality.

A staple for Farmhouse wall décor are images with words or phrases that are important to you and your family. Typically, the background of the image is white and the words are in a black, cursive or “plain” font. The words can be anything you like – personal mottos, Bible verses, descriptions of your living space, (like “Laundry Room”), inspirational quotes, etc. – just be sure you have several around your living space.

Last but not least, accent walls of brick or wood are really important. If you turn on any episode of Fixer Upper, I guarantee you Joanna Gaines will talk about using Shiplap on the walls to accent your home with authentic wood paneling!

Backsplashes, fireplaces and side walls, (either fully or partially covered), are great places to incorporate wood and brick. However, if you’re renting and/or unable to add brick or wood to your walls, you can get furniture with these elements instead. 

Instagram for Inspiration:

You probably noticed that all of our photos were from people on Instagram – that’s because these are all accounts that we know and love for their Farmhouse décor! Here’s the full list of our featured accounts if you want constant Farmhouse inspiration:




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