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Welcome to Week 3 (the halfway point!) of our Interior Design series, Home By Design. If you missed the breakdowns of Modern and Coastal décor from Weeks 1 & 2, be sure you check them out! 

But, if Modern and Coastal aren’t really your, “style,” (oh my, hilarious design joke), this next style is as different as you can get! So, let’s buckle up and settle in for this week’s design style…  

Style 3 | Boho

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The Short & Sweet:

Boho, (the nickname for Bohemian-style décor), is also known as “nomadic,” “eclectic,” or “free spirited” design. It embodies everything to do with adventure, individuality, informality and embracing the natural world.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Boho design before this blog post – it’s definitely not my strength. But, since it’s a trending design, I knew from the start it was going to be part of this series.

I wanted to learn everything I could about it to bring you the best information possible, and during that process, and I discovered I have lot more in common with Boho design than I thought! First and foremost, I LOVE the bold, unapologetic individuality of Boho.

Basically, with Boho, be comfortable, be yourself, be head-over-heels in love with nature, and be proud. And be slightly Bohemian.  

How to Make it Boho:

Alright, so with those key elements in mind: comfort, individuality, nature and adventure, let’s get to the how-to of making this style possible! To start, we’re diving in with these…

Three Defining Traits: 

#1: Macramé and/or macramé-style items:

Macramé is a central character in Boho design. It’s unique, dreamy, and completes the Boho look like nothing else! If you feel up to making your own, there are lots of tutorials and DIY walk throughs on Pinterest. Homemade macramé ensures your unique spirit shines through in your Boho living space.

But, if you’re not interested in making it yourself, and/or you don’t have any on hand, you can use macramé-style items as well. Hammocks are a good example of a macramé-style item, as they don’t fit the technical definition macramé, but, (for lack of a better word), they look macramé.   

#2: Nature/nature-based items:

Like we mentioned earlier, Nature is an essential element in Boho design. Plants are the easiest example of this: a Boho-style room may feature flowers, (fresh or dried), and/or flower-shaped objects. Cactus plants, (especially long, dry scraggly-looking cacti) are very common in Boho design, as well as house plants, trees and tree-like items – really any plant you can think of has a home in Boho décor!

In addition to plants, animals and landscapes are often used in patterns and wall décor. There’s really no limit to what nature elements you can add to your Boho living space – you just can’t leave nature out. 

#3: Geometric shapes and patterns:

By geometric shapes, we do mean your typical circle, square, rectangle, etc., but with Boho, triangles, circles, ovals and arrowhead/arrow shapes, (which aren’t technically geometric shapes, but I’m adding it to the shapes section anyways), are most common.

You can add these shapes to your living space with furniture, wall décor, décor items, rugs, paint – really anywhere you like. Interestingly, the shapes in Boho design add to it’s sense of adventure, even though there’s nothing really adventurous about the shapes themselves.


Now that you know the three key traits of Boho design, let’s finish off your living space with these…

4 Boho Essentials:

Palette Planning:


Image credit: @bohofanatics and @bohemian_heaven

Trying to find colors to make your room more Boho? You can literally use ANY color you want! You’ll need a neutral base of whites, tans, creams and/or greys to balance your palette, but don’t hold back on color. 

Why such freedom? Because Boho décor is a celebration of nature and individuality, so any and all vibrant colors will fit your living space! However, emphasis on that last point: your colors should be vibrant and bold, (dark reds, deep purples, golden yellows and bright pinks, etc.). The only colors that miiiiight be a no-no, (and again, individuality and all that, so don’t let me tell you what to do!) would be “highlighter” colors.

(Which, in my humble opinion, really aren’t suited for anything other than highlighters.) 

Finding Furniture:


Image credit: @bohemian_heaven and @bowhome_

For furniture, think completely unique, (as close to one-of-a-kind as you can get!), and comfortable. Because of this, second-hand furniture works really well for Boho – nothing is more unique than the furniture that makes its way to a thrift store! But you want to be sure it’s comfortable, too – neither of these two traits should cancel the other out.  

Colorful patterned rugs are also a win, as they pair well with white/tan/brown neutral colors in your palette and can help incorporate your other vibrant colors. If you can,  I would suggest you also add a few armchairs, (whether they have arms or not), that serve as both chairs AND accent pieces, like the one pictured above. 

Décor Items:


Image credit: @decoeco_ and @bohofanatics

As we mentioned earlier, plants, particularly dried flowers and cacti, are the perfect décor item. Typically, Boho features live plants (to keep things natural), but fake plants also welcome Boho in your home. (After all, Boho is all about “You do you!”) Incorporating nature in every way you can is perfect for this style – you literally can’t go overboard!

In addition to the nature elements, ladders, woven baskets and natural wood pieces also bring this theme home. And don’t stop there – with Boho, think as unique as possible! Feel free to use décor objects like bricks, moon-shaped art pieces, chipped tile, jagged stones, and books – lots of books! Antique books look the best, of course, but overflowing bookshelves of any kind fit well in world of Boho.

Wall Décor:


Image credit: @bohemian_interior_decor and @bohofanatics 

Start by adding you macramé and geometric shapes, (like we mentioned earlier). Then add your images of flowers, plants and landscapes! And by images, you can use framed pictures, OR you can just paint them directly on the wall – that’s a very popular approach.

Speaking of painting your walls, you can also add arrowhead (or other) patterns directly to the wall rather than framing them or using them in other ways. Make your walls say what you want them to say – they’re literally your canvas!  

Last but not least, Boho is all about being yourself, so don’t leave out your personal pictures. Frame them in brightly colored or unusually shaped frames, or find other creative ways to display them!

Inspirations from Instagram:

You probably noticed that all of our photos were from people on Instagram – that’s because these are all accounts that we know and love for their Boho décor! Here’s the full list of our featured accounts if you want constant Boho inspiration:  

General Boho ideas, (i.e. all rooms in the house, designs, etc.):




Unique Boho décor pieces, (including décor items, furniture ideas, etc.):




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