It’s here. Are you ready?! 

With Autumn in full swing and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s about time to start searching for fall décor ideas for the table. I don’t know about you, but I get SO excited when it’s time to set up my table in preparation for the holidays! Can you relate?!

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If Farmhouse is your style, or if you’re looking for general fall décor, Pinterest has no shortage of fall décor ideas for the table. But, if Scandinavian is your style, your options are limited.

I say to you, this injustice has gone far enough! There MUST be a voice for the non fall-colored palette! 

(I’m nothing if not a champion for the little guy.)

So, if you’re a minimalist, interested in Nordic décor, or just curious, you’re in the right place! I’m here to help you build your Scandinavian table for Autumn, without compromising your style. If you’re not sure whether Scandinavian décor is a fit for you, check out this post to see! 

Are you ready? Let’s do this! 

Building an Autumn Table for the Scandinavian Palette

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First things first – let’s start off with your table.

Now, I know this may sound crazy, but are you crazy about the color of your table?

(Or does it just drive you crazy?)

If you’re not in love with it, let’s change that! Scandinavian tables thrive without table cloths, because this style is all about incorporating the raw, untamed elements of nature. Earth-toned wood tables provide that design like nothing else, so it’s critical that you’re happy with your table’s color.

Check out this list of stains I posted on Facebook earlier this week, just to see if it peaks your interest. Each color here would fit perfectly with the Scandinavian style:

Anything strike your fancy? If so, consider re-staining your table!

Re-staining your furniture is really simple. I promise, it really is! I’m passionate about people enjoying their furniture rather than just “tolerating” it, which definitely includes the color. So passionate, in fact, that I wrote this post, a step-by-step guide for how to stain your wood furniture for COMPLETE beginners!

You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong equipment, harming your table or getting lost in the process – that post walks you through everything. Don’t skip this step unless you’re genuinely happy with your table!

If you are, or if you just re-stained your table, (woot woot, you’re a pro!), it’s time for Part 2… 


Scandinavian dishes make my heart so happy. For real. I mean, just LOOK at these amazing images from @brostecph on Instagram:  

Design thrives on contrast, so if you have a dark table, pick light plates to go on top. If you want to use chargers, (which go under the plate purely for decorative purposes), keep this in mind. You can go “Light (table), Dark (charger) and Light (plate)” or vice versa. Or, just to shake things up, mix in a medium tone: “Dark (table), Light (charger), and Medium (plate),” etc.

Since Scandinavian décor is closely related to Minimalistic design, solid color plates are best. We’ll introduce simple patterns and designs in other elements, so don’t be afraid to stick with solid colors for now. 

Silverware & Napkins.

I’m also a huge fan of Scandinavian silverware. It’s like the simplest silverware ever! But goodness, talk about simplicity having a huge impact…

This a great place to start adding some Fall flair. Like the plates, keep your silverware a solid color, but consider using a color like gold, or rose gold!

(Or just straight up solid gold utensils. And when you think about it, send me some!)

If that’s not you’re thing, no worries – you can stick to more earthy tones. Even grey is fine. It can be patterned, too – just be sure the patterns reflect “earthy” elements. For example, hammered utensils, like these, are perfect: 

Hammered Flatware Collection by World Market

These are from World Market – I love their silverware so much! It’s classy, well-priced, and lasts a long time. Click on the image above to see this set on their website!

But as far as patterns go, swirls, circles, or more noticeable patterns don’t fit this style.

And don’t forget about napkins! When it comes time to eat, either for Thanksgiving or otherwise, solid color cloth napkins do an amazing job of incorporating your color palette.

(They also look ultra classy, no matter the meal. Cloth napkins and pizza dinners? Yes, please!)

If you’re going to use cloth napkins for a special occasion, I really suggest getting napkin rings to go with them. They’re actually not too expensive, especially at places like World Market, Target and Walmart, and they go a long way in completing your table! Here are some of my favorites from World Market: 

Geometric Wood Napkin Rings, Set of 4 by World Market

Woven Metal Napkin Rings, Set of 4 by World Market

Gold Leaf Napkin Rings Set of 4 - Metal by World Market

(I really like napkin rings…) 

A tip for choosing napkin rings – if you’re silverware has an accent color, like gold or rose gold, choose napkin rings that match that color. Otherwise, choose an element from your centerpiece you want to enhance. For example, twig napkin rings that match the twigs in the centerpiece are a win!  

Image Credit: @brostecph on Instagram

You can also get simple, solid-color napkin rings like the one in the picture above and tuck some of your décor in the center. Using our twig example, instead of getting a twig-like napkin ring, just use a simple napkin ring and stick a small twig between the napkin and the ring to tie in your centerpiece.

Speaking of… 

The Centerpiece

Image credit: Ballard Designs on Pinterest

The centerpiece is the show-stopping attraction of your table. This is where your fall décor ideas for the table are noticed by your guests. Here is where we really see the Autumn and Nordic vibes combine in a spectacular way.

So, when creating a Scandinavian center piece, keep in mind that less truly is more.

Here’s how I approach building Scandinavian centerpieces with an Autumn flair: 

  • Start with a Nature base  

This could be a scattering of autumn leaves, sections of decorative wood logs, eucalyptus branches or the beautiful, natural-wood color of the table itself. Whatever you choose, you want to start with something simple and natural

Image Credit: Pottery Barn on Pinterest

  • Add the Accent Pillars

By “pillars,” I mean medium-to-large décor pieces that help “support” your design, either physically or style-wise. Candles, wood logs, medium-to-large white pumpkins, vases with flowers and decorative lanterns are all great examples of pillars.

I would use no more than 2 types of pillars, (e.g. candles and wood logs), and no more than 4 pillars total. Too many pillars can clutter your table. Remember, think “support” – pillars are not the stars of the centerpiece. Instead, they are the essential elements that uphold your design. 

  • Show off the Star

This is where you can let your favorite items shine! Anything décor piece that’s Scandinavian or Fall can be used for your “star,” as long as it fits your color palette. If you need some ideas for fall décor items that can fit your color palette, check out our other blog post here

Items like chalk pumpkins, (which you NEED to check out in the post I linked above – they are SO COOL!) perfectly encapsulate the blend of Scandinavian Fall décor.

  • Finish with the Flair

Now it’s time to finish up the centerpiece with a few simple flairs! Pine cones, branches (eucalyptus, dried, or otherwise!), sprigs of herbs or dried flowers gently enhance your centerpiece and make it feel well rounded.

Just like the pillars, be sure not to over do it here, otherwise the table will feel cluttered. But, a few delicate finishing pieces give your centerpiece finesse and make your guests gaze in awe!

Image Credit: Happy Grey Lucky on Pinterest

Last but not least, send us pictures of your beautiful Scandinavian Autumn table! 

I always LOVE gaining more fall décor ideas for the table, and I know that you guys are going to create amazing designs that would never even occur to me, because you have unique, amazing tastes and preferences!

So please, unleash the design fever, and let us know how it all turns out! 

Happy Fall, everyone, and as always… 

Stay restless, Creatives! 

~ Christine