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The ladders from our Repurpose with Purpose post – you remember those?

No worries, I got you – here are pictures for reference! 

First they looked like this, (specifically the two back components of both ladders there):

Then this… 

Then this!

Yay, we remember! (If you don’t, or haven’t seen the post, I got you – click here!)

Okay, so our ladders started off as the back components of the ladders you see on Picture #1. (No worries, scroll up and check the first picture again if that’s confusing – so hard to word that. The front two ladders facing the camera were created to be bookshelves after our wedding, so the two ladders I’m talking about are the two backs for each of those front components. *sigh* You figure out how to be word that good and I’ll pay you the booku bucks.) 

Anyways, after all was said and done and repurposed, I had two long pieces of wood leftover that I needed to do something with. (Hold up, I had six, but the other four don’t matter right now.)

Trying to take my own advice from our post, “The Key to Creating a Comfortable Home,” I knew I wanted these resources to used for something be practical. So, after sitting around our new (at the time) one bedroom apartment, it wasn’t long before I noticed a “pain point” that could give these planks a purpose: 

“We have so many freaking mugs. Why do we have so many freaking mugs?”

Though we’ve yet to discover the reason for why we have so many freaking mugs, we did discover a creative and fun solution to our mug/counter space issue! 


The only components this project needed were four wood planks, (or two long planks sawed in half), with hooks I purchased from Walmart. I love these things – I’ve used them in so many projects because they are easy to use, inexpensive, and STRONG – no mug, dish or personal pour over has been too heavy! 

This project is perfect if you love coffee and mugs, (or just mugs), need extra space in your kitchen, or if you just want a fun way to display all your drinkware! It frees up your counterspace so you can cook, clean and most importantly, buy more mugs! 

Stay restless, Creatives!
∼ Christine