Is it just me, or are Pumpkin Spice Lattes a must-have beverage for fueling your fall fever? (Although, I won’t lie to you – I think Maple Pecan Lattes may have won my heart this season.) Now, I don’t know how you like to celebrate fall, but NOTHING gets me more amped about the holidays than finding unique, stylish, cheap and easy DIY fall décor projects!

(And, of course, seasonal coffees.) 

Here are our top DIY picks for the season based on their ease of completion, inexpensive materials, project duration and style versatility!

8 Low-to-No-Cost Fall Décor Projects: 

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  • Wood Beaded Pumpkins

Image Credit: DIY With My Guy

Estimate Time: 30 minutes, (unless you purchase beads without holes and drill them yourself. In that case, it’s between 1 – 2 hours)

Estimated Cost: $25 – 30, ($15 – 20 if you purchase wood beads without holes).

First off, we have to give a shout out to an awesome fellow DIY blog, DIY With My Guy (be sure to give them a follow – they have GREAT content!) They uploaded this awesome project in August and I was so excited, I just had to try it myself!

This pumpkin project is easy, fast and inexpensive. Plus, the natural wood color of the beads perfectly compliments my Scandinavian coastal décor! If you want the step-by-step instructions to try this project for yourself, click here and create the best fall décor DIY project of the year. 

What I also love about this project is it’s ability to be customized. Right off the bat, we made two mini pumpkins, (customizing size), one with the natural wood color and the other with the beads painted white, for a Farmhouse flair.  

  • Wrapped Bouquets

Estimate Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cost: Free, if you’re using scraps, under $10 if not.

This is actually a project I created out of the leftovers of the Wood Beaded Pumpkin project. It’s super simple, beautiful and free if you’re using scraps! If not, it’s still under $10 (without sales or coupons!), depending on the fake plants you purchase.

The two products I used for this, (slightly different from the ones in DIY With My Guy’s post), are natural grapevine wire and a mini sage bush from Hobby Lobby, specifically because the plants were 50% off and I used their continuous 40% off one item coupon for the twine!

(Then I promptly broke out into my “I just got a crazy deal and I’m so dang happy” dance. I was removed by security, but hey – it was a great deal.) 

How to make this project? Just wrap the twine around the base of the plant stem and BOOM! A cheap and easy DIY fall décor project that fits ANY style.    

  • Chalk Pumpkins

Image Credit: Anderson + Grant

Estimate Time: 2 – 3 hours

Estimated Cost: $25 or less, depending on where you find the plastic pumpkins. 

This is one of my favorite fall décor projects, too – if you don’t have an interior design style that naturally welcomes the standard plaid color palette of fall, (like me), these pumpkins are a perfect way to celebrate fall without compromising your style.  

I found the blog Anderson + Grant on Pinterest, and I’ve continuously been blown away by their content. If you want to make these pumpkins for yourself, check out their blog post here with the instructions!   

  • Natural Leaves

Image Credit: Real Simple

Estimate Time: (not including gathering time), 10 minutes or less

Estimated Cost: FREE

Now, to be honest with you, one of my FAVORITE things to do to celebrate fall is to go leaf-hunting with my husband, and this year, our 1-year-old baby girl will be joining us!  Even if fall leaves don’t fit your color palette, the natural simplicity they bring into your living space surprisingly doesn’t clash with non-fall colors. (At least in my opinion!)

Not only is this a great bonding experience, but it’s also FREE, and you have unlimited options for decorating!

My favorite arrangement is made by finding several large, flat leaves and overlapping them in the center of my table to make a simple fall centerpiece.

I also love this image, and this design can be easily accomplished with a cork board, blank canvas, wood or cardstock as a background. From there, you can either pin or glue your leaves to the background, and now you’ve got a portable, simple and fun fall leaf display!

  • Chalk Couture prints!

Image Credit: The Modern Chalker

Estimate Time: 1 hour or less

Estimated Cost: $30 for print, $13 for paste (and you may want to buy two for alternating colors!)

One of the amazing friends I have made through blogging is Celena, The Modern Chalker – her content is AMAZING. If you love being creative, but you don’t feel up to creating complex DIY projects, then Chalk Couture is exactly what you’re looking for.

These designs are easy-to-use, reusable and SUPER cute! The picture above is a display of my personal fall favorite, the Welcome Fall Flora. This is a great project to get the creative juices flowing, and it doesn’t take long to see your finished product. Another bonus about this – you can avoid a shopping trip by ordering everything you need all at once!

For more info on transfers and/or product walk throughs, be sure to follow The Modern Chalker on Facebook! 

  • Wood Block Pumpkins

Image Credit: and Sweet Tea and Grace

Estimate Time: 1 – 2 hours

Estimated Cost: $15, depending on where you purchase the wood blocks. If you purchase a longer block of wood and chop it up, you can save a lot more money!

Whether you make solid-colored pumpkins, ones with faces or ones with patterns, these pumpkins are fun to make and display. I’m not a good painter when it comes to drawing or painting images, but this is one of the few painting projects I can manage! 

(However, sometimes I do use stencils if I want to be sure the paint looks crisp. Cause I ain’t no Da Vinci.) 

I suggest gathering natural sticks for the stems, since they look good and are easy to hot-glue! But, I would only use natural leaves if these are short-term décor pieces for you. Natural leaves will quickly dry out and get crunchy and messy, so if you’re going to use these pumpkins year after year, I’d use fake leaves. 

This project is also great for kids! The pumpkins themselves are incredibly durable, and painting the pumpkins is a really great kid-friendly activity. Plus, you can use water-based paint for an easy wash-off.

  • Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Image Credit: It’s Always Autumn and Uniquely Taylor Made

Estimate Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cost: $10, depending on the fabric you use and if you need to make a TP run!

I’ll bet you’ve already seen these on Pinterest, especially if you’ve searched for “easy and cheap DIY fall décor.” But if you kept scrolling because the plaid fabric didn’t fit your style, hold on a second!

Similarly to the Chalk Pumpkins, this can actually be a project that enhances your personal style while bringing in a taste of fall. Try using other fabrics that DO complement your style, especially solid colors that match your home décor palette. 

  • Fall Wreaths & Frames

Image Credit: Aubrey Originals and Run to Radiance

Estimate Time: 15 – 20 minutes

Estimated Cost: $20 or less, much cheaper if you can get a frame from a thrift store. 

I love how these décor items easily hang on your door and welcome your guests into a fall-filled home! I also love that if you DON’T have a fall-filled home, you can set yourself in the holiday mood by just placing this outside your door.

Hobby Lobby is my go-to place for fake plants like the ones hot-glued on these projects, but dollar stores are also a great place to find beautiful, inexpensive fake fall plants. In fact, if Hobby Lobby’s plants aren’t on sale, I would just head to Dollar Tree instead! 

Well, that’s all for me! If you try any of these awesome DIY projects to celebrate fall in your home, let us know in the comments below! 

Happy crafting, and as always… 

Stay Restless, Creatives! 

~ Christine