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I love stuff. 

Hence why my last blog post was about decluttering. It’s a vicious cycle. 

Since I’m passionate about home décor, DIY projects and interior design, places like World Market, Target, Home Depot and Michael’s are dangerous. 

Cause I want dat merch. 

Now, I usually beeline it for the clearance sections in these stores. Honestly, at least 60% of my home décor has come from clearance items – some that I’ve enhanced, and some that I haven’t! 

BUT, every now and then, there are items I want to buy that just aren’t on sale.

So what happens then? How do you afford big-ticket buys when you’re on a budget and the items you want don’t fit? 

I’ve been in this position many times, and since robbery isn’t an option, (unless you know a guy that can help me bust a 14 foot long wood table out the front doors?), I’m developed a few techniques for affording these items:

5 Techniques for Affording Big Ticket Buys:

1) Wait for a Sale/Coupon

First and foremost, if the item you want isn’t on sale when you see it, wait for it to be on sale. Especially with stores like Target and World Market, sales are cyclical. Sale cycles vary by store, category and product, but if you missed the “10% Off All Outdoor Furniture” sale, chances are you’ll see something similar in just a few weeks.

If you don’t see a sale, often you’ll see a coupon or discount that your item qualifies for. Like cyclical sales, you may have to wait several weeks (or more) to see a coupon that applies to you, but if you do, it’s worth it!   

2) Scale back where you can 

When I was in college, if there was something I wanted to buy, sometimes I would say, “I can totally survive on ramen for the rest of the month and buy _______. No problem!” (Toooootally only did this freshmen year, by the way…)


Even though I was scaling back to make financial room for something I wanted, that wasn’t really the place to scale back. 

Instead, look for something in your monthly spending habits that you could realistically, (and healthily), scale back on in the short term to save money for your big-ticket buy. For example, if you eat out a few times a week, think about cutting that back to once-a-week and putting the money you would have spent aside!  

3) Set up a short-term budget

Similarly to the concept of scaling back, consider building room in your budget for your big-ticket buy! 

Short term financial goals can be beneficial for a lot of reasons! Not only do you get to buy your item if you stick to your budget, (yay rewards!), but you also gain experience being financially disciplined. Short-term financial goals make you more aware of where your money is going because it has a purpose. (I.e. I want that table!)

Additionally, you tend to appreciate buys you budget for more than others, because you’ve worked and waited for them! Plus, you’re heavily protected from buyer’s remorse since you’re not impulsively buying

If you don’t have a budget set up already, or if you need ideas for building your big-ticket buy into your current budget, join my email list and download my FREE Budget for Big Ticket Items printable PDF at the end of this post! (I was a finance major, so I love making budgets. Cause, you know, NERD.) 

4) Consider blogging as a side hustle!

A common entrepreneurial ideal I’ve recently come across is the concept of increasing your income to meet your budget rather than cutting your budget to meet your income.

Sounds great, right? 

If you’re running tight budget situations a lot, this might be a good strategy for you! Now, making money by blogging is NOT something that happens overnight – it takes a lot of work! But it is 100% doable, and it can allow you to be more flexible when it comes to affording big-ticket buys. Plus, if you’re blogging about something you’re passionate about, you can literally make money from the hobbies you enjoy! 

I’m no expert, but here are experts I’ve trusted with my money: 

  • Pinterest Ninjas: Megan Johnson’s course is SO amazing, and her course covers so much in the world of blogging as well as Pinterest Marketing. If you’re looking for a place to start, this is by far the best resource I can recommend! 
  • Free 12 Month Blog Plan Course: If you’re looking for a practical, affordable (cause it’s FREE) course in blogging from scratch, I highly recommend starting here! Suzi helps you stay focused, motivated and encouraged. (The blog plan is at the bottom of the page – just join Suzi’s newsletter to have access!)

Here’s what I love about both these ladies – all of their courses and free resources are practical, straightforward, and they yield real results. Also, they are awesome people who genuinely care about helping others – they’re extremely approachable when you have questions! 

5) Side Hustles if Blogging’s not for you:

If you’re not interested in blogging, there are still some good, legitimate on-your-own time side hustles that you can do to earn some extra cash! The two I recommend, based on personal experience, are Uber Eats and Instacart.

The benefit of these two programs (over blogging) is that they are easy to set up, and you can start earning money with them today! (Or tomorrow, depending on your WiFi). As long as you have access to a car, a smartphone and some extra time on your hands, you can do these!

More Information on these side hustles: 

Uber Eats enables you to get paid by picking up and delivering take-out meals to customers in your area, and as an Instacart Shopper, you can get paid to grocery shop!

Between the two of these, Uber Eats is personally my favorite. If you go online around mealtimes, (especially lunch and dinner), your chances of payout are often (but not always) higher than Instacart, because you can complete more trips in the same amount of time. However, Instacart tends to be busier in the morning, if morning hours are better for your schedule. (But, know that all these factors vary by location!)

I have made good money on both platforms, and therefore recommend them both as an alternate source of increasing your income!

If you click on the links above or below (in the bolded, underlined words), you’ll be using my referral code, which won’t affect your set-up, but it would give me a bonus when you complete:

(Uber guarantees you a payout of at least $175 for these 30 trips. Personally, my first payout was $226.87. This amount will depend on the deliveries, location, and tips!)

  • 60 Batches (trips) in 30 days for Instacart.

(Instacart doesn’t have an earnings guarantee, but my first payout was $987.47. More hours and work than Uber Eats in this case, but also more money!) 

Just wanted to let you know!

Also, the Uber Eats app and the Uber Driver app are the same, so you may worry that you downloaded the wrong one. However, the link in this post is ONLY to the Uber Eats function of the app, (even though you’ll receive a tutorial video for Uber driving at the beginning.) 

Something to consider: 


NONE of these techniques give you the ability to afford whatever you want overnight. They take patience, intentionality, and work, and that’s good – anything that makes us practice these principles is worth pursuing. But, ALL of these techniques are strategies I’ve personally used (and currently use!) to afford the big-ticket buys I love for my home!

If you’re interested in downloading my FREE Budget for Big Ticket Items printable PDF, subscribe to my email list and I’ll send it to you!

And as always…

Stay restless, Creatives!

~ Christine