Who We Are

I’m Christine! This is my amazing husband, Andrew, and our sweet bundle of laughs, Ember. We love hanging out together, the Pacific Northwest, coffee (well, decaf tea for Em), helping others, and authentic New Mexican enchiladas.

We’re pretty great.

Where We’ve Been

My family and I have lived in a variety of places. If you name it, we’ve lived in it – houses, apartments, condos and mobile homes. Four bedroom houses, three bedroom condos, one bedroom apartments, some with yards, balconies, neither or both – the list goes on.

Though we’ve enjoyed all our homes, we began to realize that we were always dissatisfied with something, wishing we had this, or regretting we had that, saying something along the lines of,

“Once we have ________, we’ll be satisfied.”

Why We’re Here

When we realized our “dream home” was a long while away, (cause let’s be real, why spend your hard-earned cash on a beautiful home when you can pay student loans for the rest of your life?), we came to this stunning realization:

“You don’t have to have the perfect living situation to be in love with your home!”

As a result, we’ve chosen to make the most of every location we live in, creating our own unique, comfortable living space no matter the size, location or permanence.

When friends and family started giving us feedback on how much they enjoyed our living spaces, we began to see the reality that so many people crave the ability to truly be satisfied in their homes, even if they can’t afford their dream house.

So, in response to that need, we created The Restless Creative Co. 

What We Do

The Restless Creative Co is a blog and business designed to empower you to thrive in your living and office spaces by providing creative solutions on how to repurpose, enhance and beautify your home or office, no matter the size, shape or location.

It’s important to have your home set up in a way that enables you to thrive, both visually and practically. Here at The Restless Creative Co, we sum this process up in three words:

Repurpose | Enhance | Thrive.

By utilizing creative problem-solving skills and the overlapping practices of Interior Design and DIY, we know you can create the space you love at an affordable cost.