Hey friend!

I’m Christine, and I’m so glad our universes are colliding! I’m a candle maker, but you don’t hear me bragging about it. #anyOfficefansinthehouse

As you probably saw on the welcome page, I founded this business out of the realization that life is too short not to be mindful of every moment — especially the ordinary ones. But between working full time, keeping my toddler alive and smiling, and running my business, I can attest that mindfulness seems like a beautiful, unattainable fantasy. 

So, to help my fellow mamas out — or anyone that struggles with mindful living  I created The Restless Creative Co to infuse everyday home décor products with mindfulness, from candles to… well, so far it’s just candles, but more products are coming!

Oh, and one last thing…

Every one of my products is either 100% all-natural or 100% recyclable/reusable. No waste. No harmful products. Just taking care of the larger home we all share.