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My name is Christine, and I’m here to make your life easy. The Restless Creative Co is a blog and business I’ve created to make your dream living space or work environment a reality – no matter the size of your home or budget. 

So, how do I make your life easy?


 Here, I go in-depth with design advice, DIY instructional posts, before-and-after pictures of re-purposing projects, and more! 

Interested in re-designing your home but can’t afford to hire a designer, (like me)? Check out my blog to do it on your own, like the pro you are!

Also, each post is hilarious. Grab some coffee, kick back, and laugh.

Design Services

I specialize in Interior Design that makes your dreams come true without draining your bank account.

Whatever your style, I’m here to make sure your living space, office space and/or special event reflects you.

Don’t live near me? No problem! I can offer my design services 100% virtually. 

Pinterest Marketing

Thanks to my blog, design and DIY experience, and the incredible mentoring of Megan Johnson, I’ve become a Pinterest Marketing expert.

I offer Pinterest Virtual Assistant services, which basically means I’ll manage your Pinterest account and use it to drive traffic (and sales) to your website.

100% virtual, 100% worth it. 

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